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Leashed Walks

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Individual Dog Walks (minimum 2 walks a week)

Private, leashed walks are especially good for older dogs, puppies or dogs with special needs.

Leashed Dog Walks include:

  •  Yard turnout for immediate relief

  •  Leashed walking around your neighborhood

  •  Reinforcement of cues and training

  •  Freshen water, provide snack or lunch as needed

  •  Clean-up if accident occurs


Fees for leashed dog walks (includes up to 2 dogs from same household and with same routine):

  •  15 minutes $17 per walk

  •  20 minutes $22 per walk

  •  30 minutes $35 per walk

Puppy Care


Did you just bring a new family member into your home? You did! Congratulations!!!

Puppy's need special care and we know how to provide it! Your new baby needs more than just a mid day potty break or walk - heck he may not be able to walk out and about yet. Let us help! Our basic puppy care included 2-3 visits per day depending on your needs. Once your puppy can hold his pee/poop long enough they can graduate to regular leashed walks or at 6 months they can join the park pack!

  •  Bring puppy to his favorite pee/poop spot

  •  Walk her when she is old enough

  •  Work on his potty cue

  •  Freshen water, provide snack or lunch

  •  Clean-up any accidents

  •  Reinforce cues and training


Fees for Puppy Care:

  •  15 minutes $17 per visit

  •  20 minutes $22 per visit

  •  30 minutes $35 per visit


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