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Dogs running at an off leash dog park

Off Leash Dog Park Adventures


Give your dog an adventure at one of North Seattle's off-leash dog parks. Our experienced dog handler Kerry entertains dogs with fun games of fetch, chase, and go sniff. Dogs who join our group get lots of fun time to romp with buddies and also learn to stay with their human leader. They keep up their vital doggie social skills and get the benefits of being a part of a regular group of dogs.

Selection Criteria

  •  Must have a valid Seattle city dog license

  •  Must be up to date on all vaccinations recommended by your vet

  •  Must be non-aggressive in close quarters with other dogs

  •  Must not be food or toy aggressive

  •  Must have the ability to walk off-leash at voice command

  •  Must travel well in vehicles


Park Adventures include

  •  About an hour at the dog park

  •  Lot's of off-leash running, romping and sniffing

  •  Socialization with other dogs

  •  Reinforcement of cues and training

  •  Taxi to and from park


Park Adventure Pricing

  •  $30 per trip per dog


(only available in the Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Green Lake, Wallingford, Fremont and Ballard neighborhoods)

Your dog will enjoy a full day of exercise, socialization and enrichment under close supervision by an experienced dog handler. We pick your dog up in the morning and go to the off-leash park twice throughout the day with lots of down time to rest. Your dog will be playing and socializing with the same group of dogs throughout the day. In the afternoon, we drop your dog off at your house fully satisfied. Overall, you can be confident your buddy has had a safe, fun, and enriching day!

Dog Day Camps include

  • 5-6 hours away from home

  • Lot's of off-leash running, romping and sniffing

  • Socialization with other dogs

  • 2 trips to the off-leash park (about 2 hours at the park)

  • Reinforcement of cues and training

  • Taxi to and from park


Dog Day Camp Pricing

  •  $50 per Dog Day Camp

Dog Park Adventures (minimum 2 trips a week)

Dog Day Camp (minimum 2 days a week)

Peek Inside a Park Adventure with RCDWs

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Schedule a Meet & Greet

What to expect at the Meet & Greet:

  • We will come to your home to meet you and your dog.

  • We will discuss the service you are interested in and your dog's routine and personality. We will ask questions such as:

    • What training has your dog had related to dog park behaviors, such as recall?

    • Do they display any guarding or reactive behaviors? 

    • Are they comfortable with other dogs in close quarters -such as a van?

    • What is their play style? Ball obsessed, sniffer, wrestler, do they love a good chase? 

  • If it sounds like we are a good fit we will schedule a trial run to see how they get along with the other dogs in our group.

  • This is also your time to ask us questions.

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