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Sleeping Dogs

Boarding In Our Ballard Home

Boarding is Only Available to Regularly Scheduled Clients

We live in a townhouse in Ballard. It's a very dog-friendly environment and dogs are welcome to make themselves at home. However, we have crates and gated areas if needed. Boarding guests will be provided neighborhood walks during their stay with us. If there’s room, park adventure dogs can join the group on days they aren’t normally scheduled.  There are no park adventures on weekends.


Boarding Selection Criteria - Dogs must:

  • Be at least 6 months old

  • Be comfortable with our dogs

  • Be tolerant of children

  • Be potty trained

  • Not chew on furniture, walls, shoes etc. (if your dog is a chewer or destroys household items, they will be crated or gated in a safe area when left alone) Please let us know if your dog chews items when left alone so we can prevent it! You will be financially responsible for any and all destroyed household items

  • Not bark excessively - If your dog experiences separation distress or barks excessively for any reason please let us know. There are things we can do the help them feel more comfortable when left alone. If there is no resolution of excessive barking, we will not be able to board your dog.

  • Not jump fences or dig in the yard

  • Be able to be left alone for 4-6 hours


What We Need From You

  • Collar and/or harness and leash

  • Food(s) and feeding instructions

  • Medication(s) and instructions

  • Special instructions on needs/behaviors

  • Local emergency contact

  • Veterinary information - name, location and contact + any cooperative care instructions or vet medications needed for care

Boarding Pricing

  • $50 per 24 hours (second dog from the same household 50% off)

  • $25 half day (example - if you drop your dog on Saturday morning but pick them up Sunday evening, there will be a half day charge of $25, your total price will be $75 for the weekend)

  • Pick-up/drop by us - free if scheduled during regular service. Outside of regularly scheduled service, you can pickup/drop at our home between 9am - 8pm


Emergency Care


If your dog experiences a medical emergency, you will be responsible for any care provided by their veterinary team and time spent by us facilitating that care by taking them to urgent or emergency services and time spent at the care location.


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