Training and Socialization

Walk and train and/or socialization sessions are perfect for people who want to train or socialize their dog but don’t have the desire to learn new training methods or the time follow through with a training or socialization regimen.

Appointments are solo sessions between your dog and a dog trainer. The trainer will arrive at your home with the supplies and gear needed to successfully work with your dog to attain your training and behavior goals. Each session is 30 or 60 minutes in duration and is suitable for dogs of all ages. Lessons are scheduled morning or afternoon Monday – Friday.

Dog owners do not need to be present for these sessions.  An initial consultation will help you and your trainer come up with a plan to help your pup. Your trainer will follow up with an informational email about what was worked on and how your dog responded after each session. She will also leave you information on how you can work with your dog between sessions to improve retention through repetition and communication.  

Having a dog trained with care and kindness will ensure a long and lasting friendship and mutual devotion between you and your pet. For this reason, our trainers use science based, dog-friendly methods including lots of positive feedback such as verbal feedback, scratches, play time and yummy treats.  


Walk and train and socialization sessions are beneficial for new skills and common behavior issues such as:

  • puppy socialization

  • newly adopted dog socialization

  • house training 

  • crate training 

  • jumping 

  • stay 

  • come when called 

  • barking 

  • sit/down 

  • leave it 

  • leash walking 

  • trick training – for fun or for timid or shy dogs

$35/30 minute session

$60/60 minute session